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What We Do

How It Works

NNI Certified Practitioners

As certified practitioners, we show people how to take over the banking function of their money in their lives using the Infinite Banking Concept.

We all must keep our money somewhere. How you structure your cashflow makes all the difference. These methods are achieved using dividend paying whole life insurance contracts. As a NNI Certified Practitioner, we will show you how to maximize your benefit and avoid the common traps we see out there. You will have full access, use and control of your money.  

What can you do with your own infinite bank?

Just About Anything!

  • Fund your next car, vacation, or even your home
  • Get rid of any bad debt like credit cards, student loans, etc.
  • Fund your child’s education, without any of the rules and restrictions that greatly diminish the value of a 529, or other common savings plans.
  • Live freely, knowing the bank will never send you another fee to pay (we’ve found over 65 so far).
  • Save thousands buying your next car
  • Fund your business
  • Build tax free capital every single year

We’ll show you the math suggesting that qualified plans (IRA, 401K, 403b, DB plans) may not be your best option for retirement.

Benefits of the IBC System

Limitless possibilities to how your cash can be used

Here are just a few:

  • Tax free growth and distribution, even while using funds
  • Full use, access, and control of your money
  • Credit scores or ratings do not matter
  • Guaranteed cash value growth
  • The same dollars doing many jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Ride The Life Changing Force Of A Financial Tailwind!

Become your own banker and stop transferring your wealth to others.

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